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Welcome to the home page for Yellow River Game Farm and Piddle Creek Kennels, home of happy dogs! Our game farm and kennels are run for the love of hunting and the outdoors and for the enjoyment we get from working and being with our animals. If our dogs aren't having fun, and we're not having fun, we're not going to do it! That goes for our training methods too. We take a positive approach to training so our dogs work for the love of working and pleasing us. Come see for yourself how great our dogs and farm are! You won't find a better or more beautiful place to hunt or a better place to buy your next hunting and/or companion dog.
Kennel License 271641 DS, licensed, inspected and approved by the state of
Wisconsin, inspected and approved yearly by AKC

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Hooligan completes his JH at age 9 mos, in four straight passes!

Pocket's last breeding was done to FC/AFC Land Ahoy, currently overall the fifth ranked field trial dog in the country. Out of this litter, Lee Bilke and I kept a beautiful and promising chocolate male, Piddle Creek's High
Tide Hooligan. I did the initial training and ran Hooligan to four
straight JH passes for his title at age nine months, then brought him to
Bruce Curtis, one of the top professional young dog competition trainers in
the country, in September. Hooli turned one year on 11/11/11 and is showing strong promise. Already he is doing cold blinds and cold doubles, with retired guns, as well as, delayed triples. I had the opportunity in October to watch Bruce run him on three singles up to about 400 yards in distance, and see him slam all three., When Hooli returns to us in the spring, Lee will be running him in the derby, and I will probably run him in some hunt tests, as well. Hooli's preliminary OFA's look great and his CERF exam was normal. He is EIC and CNM clear by parentage. I expect Hooligan will accomplish great things and be a valuable addition to my stud dogs, as well.

Pocket's Master Title

HRCH Piddle Creek's Pocket Rocket MH

Pocket earned her HR title through UKC on 5/22/11 and completed her Master Hunter Title on 6/10/11 to become my fifth Master Hunter and first female Master Hunter. She was handled to her title by my friend, Lee Bilke, who has worked hard over the past year to bring Pocket out of retirement to the completion of her MH title. Pocket's HRCH (Hunting Retriever Champion title) rounded out the summer and made Pocket the most titled dog I have ever owned. She will be ten this winter but still has some juice left in her, perhaps to try the competing in some NAHRA tests. Way to Go, Pocket and Lee!



I had the rare privilege of being part of the Trumpeter Swan Project's banding of adult trumpeter swans on 7/15/2010 and Trumpeter Swan Cygnets on 9/8/2010.
What a thrill to be up close and personal with these incredible birds, the largest waterfowl in North America. Trumpeter swans have been brought back from the verge of extinction through massive efforts of the Trumpeter Swan Restoration Project. For more information see:




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