Gun Dog Training

Dog training is available at Yellow River Game Farm/Piddle Creek Kennels. Danita Proechel and Ken Brierton are training dogs with me for obedience, hunting skills and/or for competition.


Kathy Ken Danita


KDK9 PUPPY PRO Training Program

Danita Proechell and I are now offering specialized training for pups ages eight weeks to eight months for puppy owners who lack the time and/or skills to prepare the pup to be a good citizen, great all around family dog and/or a field trial/hunt test dog. We both bring the experience of lifetimes of work with animals. I have been competing with dogs in hunt tests for 20 years, during which five of my own labs have earned Master Hunter titles, one, a Hunting Retriever Champion title and numerous dogs of my own have earned junior and senior titles. I also have twenty years of experience starting my own young dogs and competing with them or then selling them as
started dogs so evolving into doing the same type of training with dogs that are already owned by someone else is a natural for me. Danita, likewise, is an experienced puppy trainer who competes in hunt tests and does excellent work with dogs of all ages, but puppy work is her forte.

The training and cost of the training differs with the ultimate goals for the pup. For all pups we offer obedience training, housebreaking, basic hunting skills, socialization and overall good citizenship, as well as force training and collar conditioning. We work with the owners on any specific skill that the owner wants taught. For competition dogs, the training is more intense and includes more complex marking concepts, drills and skills that prepare the dog for doing blind retrieves and working in a field trial/hunt test competition setting.

We will take pups for a minimum of one month to as long as the owner wants us to work with the young dog.

Rates for the KDK9 Puppy Pro training are $100 per week for pups ages eight to sixteen weeks, $125 per week for pups ages 17 to 24 weeks, and $150 per week for dogs over 24 weeks. Add $50 per week to the basic price for dogs that are being prepared for competition.



Ken’s specialty is pointer training although he does train retrievers, as well. His Brittany, Shooter, is a top notch guide dog at the game farm and was trained exclusively by Ken. Ken also trains for hunting and obedience and for pointer hunt tests and NAVHDA tests.

With most dogs that come in for training, we work together to develop the dog’s skills and also will train to resolve pre-existing bad habits or problem behaviors. Because we limit the number of dogs in for training at any one time, we are able to devote a higher level of time with each dog than most trainers can.

Our rates are $150 per week, for general gun dog training with dogs over 24 weeks, with food (Purina Proplan) included. There is a two week minimum with older dogs, one month minimum for pups. Payment is due at the start of training and at monthly intervals, thereafter. The rates do not include heartworm medication or frontline, or the cost of birds used in training. The rate to handle your dog for you in a competition is $75 per event. In addition, you would pay the entry fee.

Dogs coming in for training must be up-to-date on vaccinations, including the bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination. A copy of the vaccination record must accompany the dog when it arrives for training.

There is no cost for a consultation with you regarding your dog or to assist you in working with your dog on a specific skill, as long as you are working with us with the dog and the dog does not stay with us. Many people come in at intervals, and we work with them and their young dogs for short sessions on specific skills. If we train with live birds, the dog owner pays for the cost of the birds killed during the session.

We also have retriever training group sessions two to three times or more per week during part of the year, usually from after Christmas until the end of August, depending on the weather and availability of people to train. Everyone assists each other and learns from each other in a training group, pays for the cost of birds used by his/her own dog and contributes to the cost of ammunition used. Group participants must also train their dog humanely and follow the group rules, which are explained to new group members upon joining the training group.

Contact Kathy at, 715-419-0173 or 715-822-8071, Danita at or 507-461-2588 for more information. Ken can be reached at 715-419-2664 or

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